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Bubba shanked Cupid.

All Hail Happy Mondays. Bow to the feet of Bubba, the Happy fairy, who will rescue us all from the tyrannical reign of Cupid. Special thanks to mattoverminder for helping Bubba ambush Cupid in a dark alley.

Now with Cupid safely locked in the trunk of Bubba's '83 Volvo, the world can move on to a Happier (TM) place.

Happy Monday happens 52 times/year

Happy Monday doesn't remind you that you're single, and that the rest of the planet is not.

Happy Monday does not make you get fat.

Happy Monday reminds people that you care, on the day they need it the most.

You don't celebrate a Happy Monday by gorging yourself in bad chocolate.

You don't celebrate a Happy Monday by finding a pretty little plant and then cutting it up, snuffing out a bloom which could have led to dozens of new pretty little plants making the world a better place.

Happy Monday gives you an alternative to the anti-V. Day statement of "I'm single & bitter about it. Go Away and take those stinky dead plants with you."

Happy Monday lacks the tradition which makes you fork over $80 for stinky dead plant parts.

Happy Monday, in fact, has no commercialization at all.

Happy Monday is bad for the economy (but good for the soul).

Happy Monday, if everyone gets on the bandwagon about this, could become a federal holiday resulting in an extra 52 days of vacation per year and 3-day weekends all the time.

I *like* Happy Mondays.

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